An anime show (also a manga) that combines ridiculous gore and harcore action with some rather homoerotic sequences of naked men sans genitals. the action is so harcore that most can ignore the gay stuff, or at least skip over that part.
Guts: RARRR! i just killed a hundred guys in gory and awesome ways!

This other guy with girly hair: im gonna get naked and throw water on you. and giggle.
by jacob88 July 18, 2005
another word for getting hyphy and going dumb, comes from the bay area.
-put in some mac dre music so i can go berserk!
-ya girl shake it you goin berserk!
by suffice4 January 15, 2007
In halo 2, when a brute or hunter would be nearing death it would enter an enraged or berserk state, where it would halt fire and dash towards the enemy, then bashing into it with its shoulders.
"These brutes don't have sheild generators but watch out becau- LOOK OUT HE'S BERSERKING!"
by krevin June 04, 2007
1.To commit in the act of representing for Jesus; getting rowdy and out of control while keeping everything Godly
2.To laugh uncontrollably while engaging in rhythmic spasms
3.To stop at nothing to deliver the Gospel
1.I get Berserk when I start to worship my God!
2.That foo was getting hecka berserk, he needed to settle down.
3.I berserk for the Lord because he is my only Love and nothing can suppress me from preaching the truth
by NATO P. May 07, 2008

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