hipster lingo for money: dollars, bucks, etc.
dude lemme borrow some berries...i gotta go to diesel
by msjazz March 14, 2006
noun; a state of being in which all of its elements are best suited for that state or most pleasing to you; an all-around pleasing time
This party Friday night is going to be the berries.
by Ocerg February 28, 2006
This is a nickname given to only the most awesomest of people. This nickname is usually given on the way to someplace.
by SuperBerries December 04, 2010
a term used when a person is either a little angry or acting strangely and needs to calm down.
calm your berries!
by berryade! July 20, 2010
Amongst many things, a form of marijuana which is high in potency and visual quality. Sometimes referring to the fruity taste, but not always.
Them buds Shay had were some straight berries. I'm blown back off one joint!!
by Shay Muny April 12, 2008
A collection of highly functioning players who bring nothing but pain and embarrassment to all who oppose them between the ropes. Commonly referred to as the talent portion of the annual Protective Cup.
Q - "Say hey, I can't remember, who is it that keeps beating the Twigs every damn year?"
A - "The Berries"
by VCBerry July 28, 2010
A state of highness achieved only by smoking large quantities of high-grade cannabis.

This word was discovered when a high Wiseman exclaimed he was "berry mashed" instead of "very mashed". This stoned "ism" has become the birthplace of the term Berry.
"I cant smoke any more man, I'm too Berry"

"I am so Berry, i keep sending stupid emails at work"
by InfamousIsms November 14, 2011

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