A nickname for a girl inclined in the arts, particularly performing art such as dance, theatre, or music. An all around wonderful person who can be a bit of a diva, but a loveable diva. Based off of the last name of the character Rachel Berry from the television show, "Glee."
~ Do you know who she is?
- Oh yeah, she's a Berry, top of her dance class, and you should hear her voice!
~ Wow!
by slamfEE367 May 09, 2010
In the 1920s this was commonly used:
that which is attractive or pleasing; similar to Bee's Knees
"That Cherry Apple Pie was the berries"

by AznCaliButt90210 December 06, 2006
A nice, cool, and sensitive guy that Is usually pretty cute and likes deep conversation with friends, he is also very good with kids and is very curious.
Man that kid is Berry, I wis I was him
by Hsbsbsbs January 08, 2015
you use it when your feeling cold or are in a cold environment to express these feelings. it can be used to describe how you are feeling, or what you think the temperature is like outside.
'it's berries out here mate, lets go inside'; or 'i'm feeling berries mate'.
by wilsgibbs92 December 13, 2009
The level of attraction one feels for a particular gender. The level of attraction one exhibits for females is represented by pink berries while the level of attraction one exhibits for males is represented by the number of blue berries that particular individual has. Purely bisexual people are said to have an equal number of both types of berries, asexual people have basically no berries, heterosexual people have a larger number of berries pertaining to members of the opposite gender, and homosexual people have a larger number of berries pertaining to their own gender.
Oh man, I am fucking asexual! Even that gay guy has more pink berries than me! Why the hell is my berry count so fucking low? I have no will to fuck anymore!
by TheBigBlackBerryBitch June 12, 2009
that of which is attractive or pleasing physically or to the eye
wow! that girly over there is the absolute berries!
by toilet seat March 02, 2007
hipster lingo for money: dollars, bucks, etc.
dude lemme borrow some berries...i gotta go to diesel
by msjazz March 14, 2006

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