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A combination of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, often eaten by overworked college students with little free time, or, perhaps more commonly, by those with plenty of free time but enough laziness to match.
"Hey, man, wanna go get dinner?"
"Naw... I actually woke up at 1:00 this morning, and then didn't get around to eating my first meal till 4:00. I think I'm just going to turn it into a berliner and get some studying in."
by Sridhar August 01, 2005
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The German slang for doughnut. Use in correct context, or you'll look like an idiot.
John F. Kennedy. In Berlin he gave a speech, he was being translated by a second person, at the end he said one part of this sentence in German. He said ''The Berliners are people of true power and honor. I am a Berliner.'' But, he said 'Ech bin ein Berliner. Meaning 'I am a Berliner.' Thus, announcing to the Germans the president of the United States of America is in fact a Doughnut.
by Spageto September 09, 2009
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A surly but passive-aggressive individual claiming to be salt of the earth working class and born in east or west Berlin, Germany. Many Berliners are unemployed or retired at 40 due to once much looser welfare rules. Others work driving public transport, behind counters, but particularly at irritating people who don't come from Berlin, or anyone that gets in range actually. A real Berliner has a Berliner accent which is basically a way of speaking without having to open your mouth. The Berliner claim to be "warm people who give lip" (Herz und Schnauze).
"You want me to turn the music down? Why don't you find another place to live instead. I've been living here for 20 years."

"I'd like to go to Spandau please driver."
"Uh, I've got nothing against it."

"I'll serve you as soon as I finish chatting to my friends, but then it will be time for my lunch break. We Berliner aren't slaves, you know."
by Brian32345 September 25, 2009
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