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The shittiest mall you will ever go to. Half of the stores are closed and the other half are t-shirt stores. It the only place to go in the berkshires for teens. If you go to the mall on a friday night you will see the "mall rats" a bunch of "emo,scene, hipsters, stoners and punks". They are a group of kids who wear band shirts from hot topic and all they talk about is music or sex. Walk through the mall on a friday night you will smell pot and hear fuck every three feet.
Normal friday night at the berkshire mall

1 guy: "when she looks at me its like her eyes are staring at my soul"

2 girl:" ermergred im bout to have a fuckin break down lyke omf this ruined my night i need a fucking smoke holy shit guise.

3 stoner: hehehehehehehehehehe do i smell like pot?

4 hipster: i would wear that shirt but that band is to mainstrem so let me get a shirt that has a band from the 80s that i dont listen to be if i wear it ill be kool
by pittybitch January 20, 2014
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