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What a fake gynecologist calls a vagina.
Ok Meg, let's take a look at that bergina.
by thewebguy April 09, 2006
when a women goes for a long period of time without any sexual activities done to her vagina.
Linda hasnt had sex n over six months,she must have a bergina going.
I need to get laid, i have a bergina going on here.
by tput22 August 16, 2011
a bearded vagina
a hairy pussy
When a girl has a really hairy pussy/vagina and someone exclaims that it has become a bergina i.e a bearded vagina
Guy 1 : OMG that chick has such a bergina, she should really shave it!
Guy 2 : No way am I going near that bergina!
by vicioussparrow123 February 07, 2011
1. red snapper, fish taco, cooter, home plate. The Vag.

I was rammin hers bergina(from the behind) when she queefed on ma dipstick
by keifus October 18, 2005
the tighest pussy around, the best substance known to man kind.
yo dudes, it's guys night out, lets get some bergina!!!
by 69erminer October 11, 2006
The smoking and talking vagina of a worthless hippie.
Get your stinky bergina back to your desk and do some work!
by wilma_and_barney September 13, 2007
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