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South African slang term for homeless person, hobo, etc.
Commonly found in cities, pushing a stolen shopping cart/trolley filled with the day's scavenged goods, and more often than not quite drunk, followed by a mutt ("pavement special" dog)....
Stuart: Mom! There's a bergie going through the trash again!!
Mom: Oh dear! All these homeless people are just a result of the government's failed attempts to balance the social and economic inequalities which are so evident in the society we live in today, coupled with the damage created by the apartheid era.
Stuart: Huh?!!!

Bergie: Lady, do you have some spare change?
Edna: What? Get a job hobo!
Mabel: Oh Edna! Don't be so inconsiderate. Here you go mister, a nice sandwich for you.
Bergie: Thanks lady. Wait a sec....what's this? A liver polony sandwich!!! Screw you old girl!!!
Mabel: Well I never! Ungrateful hobo!
Edna: Uh-huh.....
by Serpent Tongue September 01, 2006
Beautiful and intelligent woman who rides motorcycles.
I saw a Bergie riding down the road yesterday.
by Bergie May 21, 2008
Bergie - The term given to Non Profesional Cape Town based Call of Duty players in General.
Wow, that clan has a lot of bergies!
by Tottiekop July 26, 2011
Any type of grenade, esp. frag.
The battle wore on to what seemed like a stalemate, until DesertPenis (Brandon) fired off a bergie that blew the shit out of them all!
by Crapshooter February 05, 2004
Usually the name for an above average baseball player. A Bergie is nothing special but gets the job done and usually plays catcher. A great blocker but an average hitter.
Dude that catcher is a total Bergie.

That was such a Bergie block.
by screwbarrington August 01, 2009
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