The most gangsta county in New Jersey. If all of New Jersey's counties got into a fight, Bergen County would come out on top and own all. Where all the bitches got class, and no fat chicks. You come mess wit us, we gonna run yo ass over with a minivan and then buy you some ice cream at Dairy Queen just cause we roll like dat.
I was driving through Bergen County and i saw a black person, HOLY SHIT!
by Andrew and Evan April 27, 2006
Bergen County is the nicest county in all of New Jersey perhaps the east coast. 90 percent of it are multi-million dollar towns and the other 10 percent is upper middle class. It borders NYC so alot of celebs like in the area. As far as raising a family here it is close to impossible the price of everything is insane like really insane the property taxes in one of the upper middle class towns is around 14k. As far as schools go every one is a good one even the public schools and it has some of the best private schools in the country. So if you are a millionaire move to Bergen County you will fit right in.
person 1-yo were do you live?
person 2-oh i live in Bergen County.
person 3-...holy shit! you must be loaded!
by Roylance100 May 25, 2012
I don't know why people say this is the richest county in the country. When there are two others in the state richer than Bergen. Morris and Hunterdon County are richer than Bergen. It is definently the most exciting county though. We're right next to the city and we throw the sickest parties. Bergen County also has its slums though. Hackensack and Englewood have there ghettos, crack heads, and gangs. Bergen is also home to the mall capital of the world(Paramus.) And the greatest weed in the state. And although we are known to be rich kids we're not. We just got the game locked and know how to party like we're ballin. So when it comes to the 201 we're the best and will shit on your Hometown any day.

201 too much green too much fun.
Guy 1: YO wats good is anything poppin tonight?

Guy 2: Lets just head to Bergen County theres always
something going on there.
by tittlywinks420 August 31, 2007
Bergen COunty aka DA 201 aka THE BC..not as rich as people say...half of it is gully..dont believe all the rich hype.. come take a drive with me see how willing you are to get outta the car half the time..yea lot of money but a lot of broke down bum ass areas too..but where there is money there is A LOT of it..and those towns and kids are the ones who give the 201 a bad name..everyone hates on us cause we're better then them and they know it..parties here bang out till the sun comes up..the girls are slamming top to bottom..and the guys will scrap if you look at us the wrong way..the 201 where you'll get run off the pong table before you finish your HS sports in jersey..some of the best football teams in the farms here..just bumper to bumper traffic..lots of money..lots of parties..the only place in jersey where u can get a blunt and a burger at 4 am..if jersey squared off and threw fists the 201's walking away..emo kids get beat up..fat chicks get disrespected..MTV wont make a reality show about HS kids here..cuz they wouldn't be able to put it on air..bergen county where the weak are killed and eaten!
Where you from?.. Bergen County.. Yo your from the BC?! thats whats up
by Anthony Marconi June 22, 2006
Bergen county has a lot of rich boros townships and viliages BUT Englewood and Hackensack are actual cities with public housing and homeless people and crack heads Englewood home of rollin 30 and rollin 60 and grape street crips 143 bloods and fam Hackensack and englewood are both crowded cities and englewood schools suck ass and for all the people who don't check ther facts bergen is the 21 richest county not the first there's something for every1 not just one walk of life
To every1 else in Bergen county Walk threw 1st street in englewood or hackensack with a chain on and see if u go home with it
by chris greasy October 07, 2006
Bergen County is easily one of the richest counties out there.. Cali has nothin on us fuck laguna beach, fucken Jersey shore is where its at. Bergen county also throws the best parties in the nation cuz we just dont stop..Bergen County has been run by Bergenfield(Bfield.The fields,bear country) since the 60s. Bergenfield by far has the toughest kids you'll ever meet. We'll take any bitch ass town in the county. Bergenfield simply throws the best parties and fucks mutha fuckas up. Bergenfield is also notorious for sucking at sports, But actually we have some of the best athletes out there its just that we spend all our time Drinkin smokin and partying like the maniacs we are. And we better never see any of u dumont new milford or tenafly fuckers at our 'club wendys', 7 11, 'or bk lounge' . Douchemont sux.The novel wasteland also took place in the fields.. Bergen county is also the home of the bomb threat, but we just do it to fuck aroubd n get out of skool cuz no one ever really does anything.
Dude I went to this crazy party in Bergen County with madd rich kids, and then these bergenfield kids came and out drank everyone and then fucked up these dumont kids.
by KGR #44, the 189 September 30, 2007
Guido's and goomba's.
Bergen County is nothing but guido's and goomba's.
by PR guy November 30, 2008

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