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an epic poem about beowulf, the great hero guy who came with a bunch of geats to dane-land and saved hrothgar from grendel by ripping out grendel's arm and thus killing him

beowulf then proceeds 2 kill grendel's mum (who isnt much better) and eventually kills a dragon but this costs him his life b/c he gets slashed in like the jugular
im'a read beowulf cos he ripped a guys arm off
by unusu-al November 08, 2003
A master of all he surveys, one who is always in control of all situations that he is in
by the wulf August 27, 2003
Viking myth, epic.
-Expressing extreme displeasure or haste in exclamation.
yo...this weather makes me feel like beowulf. Or YO it smells like beowulf in here.
by Alex February 15, 2005
(Sexual position)- When there is a man and a woman naked on a bed the man jumps on the womans back and punches her in the left side of the head until she either loses consciousness or begins to bleed profusely. This resembles the defeating of Grendall in the story.
Dude, I went Beowulf on Jennifer last night, and she has never been more pleased!
by Pete "Meat" November 19, 2007
The first book written an English language (in this case, Anglo-Saxon), it is probably the most boring peace of literature to have ever tortured English students.
Sorry that I didn't finish Beowulf, it was more fun watching paint dry while I was stabing myself in the aorta.
by rosep September 08, 2005