A vehicle aimed more towards comfort and durability than a comparable BMW, rendering the pointless arguments about whose car can "smoke" whose meaningless.

Durability may be brought into question, as more recent models have been possessed of dubious build quality as compared to older models.
Yeah, your BMW is faster than my Benz. Whoops! Pothole. Hope your ass isn't broken.
by SquizzleBizzle November 05, 2007
Benz:Bimmer = Awesome:Good
by in mansion in benzes August 13, 2003
A car that thinks it's the best in the world, when in actuality gets smoked by BMW in all phases of car making; especially engineering and performance. Usually driven by people who think they're big, but really have small penises and are ignorant when it comes to knowledge about cars.
That Benz just got KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!.
by Anonymous June 08, 2003
i car that can never keep up with a bmva, bmw
oh shit that bmw just smoked my benz
by []D[][]v[][]D May 12, 2003
A car that can never Ever compare to a BMW. It wishes it was a BMW. Mercedes & Caddy are all OLD MENS CARS. Mercedes is over-hyped and played out.
If the dude over there knew anything he'd be ridin in a Beamer instead of A Benz.
by rob32 September 12, 2006
Creator of stupid comedy segment show
The Bill Benz Show sucks so badly that I burned my copy of it.
by some kid June 21, 2003
a vehicle driven by black people. They go get an old mercedes and think they are something hot. They cant afford a new one.
hes black, he drives a benz
by adamdc September 20, 2007

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