£10 worth of weed bruva.
i got dis here tenner blud lets get me an enfield north london benz
by dangeezy December 04, 2007
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a bag of weed usually bought for £10, weights vary from 1.4g to 1.7g
person1: yo homie, u got any weed?
person2:nah, but im pikin up a benz in a minute :)
by jakue June 01, 2007
A benz is a Mercedes-Benz, a fine german car
My benz has 22" twinkies on it!
by Kazi May 01, 2002
Mercedes-Benz. Makes of the best cars in the world ever. Makers of Maybach and AMG engines. 55 AMGs are now super charged @ 500hp, 600s are V12 twin turbos with 500hp over 900Nm torque. Shits on any bimmer, performance, looks, quality, interior etc. They look rude too and cost twice as much as those bimmer shits. Don't even start with Brabus or Renntech
Rollin in my mother fuckin benz
by Honky Boy January 20, 2004
A.K.A. Mercedes-Benz. An automobile make designed in Germany. Mercedes is the first automobile manufacturer in the world with their first automobile made in the year 1885, and is considered one of the finest in automobile luxury to date. Recently Mercedes has been getting a lot of attention considering many celebrities and corporate officials use them, and their huge advancement they have made in technology that no other car manufacturer has been able to match.
"Thats a sick Benz you got their"
by userdaboss October 24, 2009
A fine german automobile, but does not have the performance of a BMW or Porsche. Dont take my word for it, read any R&T or Car & Driver.
Person 1: "I would like to buy a nice car."

Person 2: "Well dont settle for a Mercedes when you can buy a BMW."
by zimzimma July 18, 2003
A vehicle aimed more towards comfort and durability than a comparable BMW, rendering the pointless arguments about whose car can "smoke" whose meaningless.

Durability may be brought into question, as more recent models have been possessed of dubious build quality as compared to older models.
Yeah, your BMW is faster than my Benz. Whoops! Pothole. Hope your ass isn't broken.
by SquizzleBizzle November 05, 2007

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