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An awesome horror fiction writer! Bentley Little was born in Arizona after his mother watched the premiere of Psycho. He is a Bram Stoker Award winner, who can count Stepen King and Dean Koontz as fans.

"A master of the macabre"--Stephen King

"Rock-'em, shock-'em contempory terror fiction" --Dean Koontz
Bentley Little takes on ordinary subjects and exploites and exaggerates their possiblities for nefarious activities. In The Store he looks behind the scenes of a Wal-mart-like mega store and the terrible effects it has on a small town. In The Policy, he looks a the very real scenario of insurance companies controlling and ruining lives. Most of Bentley Little's books are scary because they seem like they actually could happen.
by Charles_U_Farley July 17, 2009
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