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Term used to define the male friend that never gets laid.
Pete is a beno. There is no way in hell he is getting laid.

There will beno pussy for Jim tonight.
by senior dooky June 23, 2009
beno is, therefore you are less
One afternoon I thought I was seeing further than everybody else, but then I realized I was standing on the shoulders of beno.
by heero January 31, 2005
not to be confused with the gas pills. slang for benadryl pills, when taken in large doses usually with alcohol consumption and/or smoking weed causes one to hear voices, pass out and have vivid dreams, or even experience hallucinations such as giant spiders!!
john's been having a tough time tolerating his spoiled suburban existence. john decides to take some LEGAL drugs since all the big scary illegal ones require him to talk to scary people who want his money and his one "friend" said hey man you ever do some benos? and im not talking bout fixing your flatulence. what a night for john's brain.
by thewobbuffet3 December 28, 2011
Beno. An offensive term used to call someone, normally another school mate or peer, homosexual in the South Wales area (last used about 15 years when were in High School)

Look at him doing ballet! Yeah he is such a beno!!
by Sim C January 05, 2006
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