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An endearing term used to describe people of Asian descent, particularly tourists from the Far East. The term is usually used by white young people who admire the Far Eastern cultures and people, but who don't want to be overheard talking about them by said tourists.

The term is said to have been inspired by the character "Uncle Benny" in Lethal Weapon 4.

Local Guy #1: Damn man, I saw one hot looking Benny at the mall today!
Local Guy #2: Dude, you should've gotten her number. Benny chicks absolutely r0xx0rs!
Local Guy #1: Bennies FTW!!
by Selfie June 16, 2006
people from northern new jersey or guidos and greasy dagos from new york who come to the jersey "shore" and mess it up with their greasy bodies. and its the beach not the shore by the way you dumb dagos.
those greasy bennys came to our beach and left their oil from their hair all over the sand.
by aboriginal to the beach May 28, 2006
An American one-hundred dollar bill. In reference to Benjamin Franklin, who graces the note.
That bet lost me four bennies.
by Johanan Sen August 01, 2005
a word sometimes looked up by "America In the 1960's" classes for homework.
Kevin looked up the word Benny and used this sentence as proof.
by Claire Standish April 16, 2007
a person who is petty and idoitic and generally has an inflated idea of their own intelligence and importance.
the jobsworth at my office is a total benny
by tim canterbury August 15, 2005
Slang for benefits. In particular, friends w/ bennies.

A friend who you have casual sex with, but without any of the obligations of a relationship.
I was feeling horny, so I called up my friend w/ bennies, Angela, to see if she was up for a good time.
by onelin December 02, 2003
to quadruple rape someone so badly that the victim(s) must receive counseling
did you see that fight?
yeah, bitch got bennyed!
by robert123654 November 23, 2008