An amphetamine tablet taken as a stimulant.
(Kerouac on writing)...and after all what do I really know about it except you've got to stick to it with the energy of a benny addict.
by matt russell June 12, 2006
a term used to describe the pariah New Yorkers and obnoxious city folk who day-trip to the Jersey shore, clogging the streets, and cramping our beaches. how to spot a benny:

Men: NYY cutoff t-shirt, backwards NYY cap, tweezed eyebrows, polished fingernails, boombox cranked all the way up, cooler, large gold jewlery, Adidas's flipflops

Women: big and long hair with obnoxious gucci shades and other cranium accessories, polished French manicure with matching pedicure, globbed makeup, animal print handbag, platform flipflops
our people are not safe here... in the presence of these goddamn benny people

-see bennies
by sweetlaxbc May 19, 2007
The stupid tourists from up north, they increase traffic, pollute the beach (they say it is the locals, the tommies, fault), and all round cause havoc.
Tommy #1: "That guy just did an illegal turn, probably doesn't know where he is going, and just threw trash out his window."
Tommy #2: "Its the summer, the bennies are here"
by Morgulking75 May 22, 2005
Short for 'Bender', meaning 'gay'.
"It's times like this Gareth, I really wish you weren't such a benny."
"Stop being a benny all your life and go find a girlfriend."
"What do you mean 'Let's go to Jumpin' Jak's? Why do you have to be such a benny?"
by Baron Von Teabags February 25, 2005
mostly offensive term for annoying ppl usually from NY that come and clog up the jerzy shore and our clubs. usually have greesy hair and usually wear a wife beater and low jeans with ther briefs sticking out. most of tehm cant drive normally because they are so use to newyork, so they cut all of us jerzy ppl off and get mad when we give them teh finger.
walking through belmar
* geezuz thrs so many fukin bennies here- go the hell home*
by dont think about it January 25, 2005
Shortened slang term for the amphetamine "benzedrine," specifically used primarily in literature of the Beat generation.

The plural form is "bennies."

"Or take two strips of benny and two goof balls. They get down there and have a fight. It's a good drive." (Direct quote from William S. Burroughs "Junky")
by BCMDS August 02, 2007
Your job's benefits package - like medical insurance, dental insurance, and 401k
Matt: Somehow I make $16 an hour, plus bennies, to sit in a cubicle from 9 to 5

Dave: You're lucky bro. I know a guy who's disabled, couldn't finish high school, and makes the minimum wage to push a mop around in circles all day. Keeps the floors and the urinals clean tho.
by TodaysTomSawyer March 08, 2010
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