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A person who is laughably bad at his/her job, but refuses to acknowledge it, preferring to cast the blame onto other members of his staff.
"C'mon, Mr. Ryans, I can't work with a benitez like Martin."
by Casske July 30, 2006
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To find excuses when the only excuse is ones own ineptitude. A direct opposite of a Moyes.
"Look at that moaning cunt going on again, blaming 12 o clock kick offs. What a Benitez"
by Oldmangaz December 10, 2007
an overweight, middle aged man, who is still a virgin
my friend is still a benitez
by waldo228 September 08, 2009
A hairstyle with over 80% receeding hairline, such that the man looks half bald, if it were not for a 'tuft' of hair in the centre.

Made famous by Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez.
Gary, that guy has a Benitez too.
by Gary Finny June 14, 2005

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