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a reference to a large penis, in theory the size of a black one (black + penis = benis)
Simon may be a little dude, but the kids got a fucking benis.
by Creme Daddy August 05, 2006
14 23
a mexican penis. a.k.a. "beaner penis".
that man has got a nice benis.
by reviniqua(: November 13, 2009
10 20
if the space between your belly button and your penis is large you have a benis
Kyle Carpenter has the biggest motherfucking benis in the whole entire world.
by kerry degman May 29, 2008
4 15
The name given to the penis of a man who's name starts with a B.
Benjamin has a small benis.
by Rydall October 11, 2007
5 19
When writing penis in sloppy handwriting, you add an extra loop to the P.
When a friend writes Penis sloppily on your hw paper, and you hand it in to the teacher thinking it just says Ben is(Benis). Then you get in trouble for it.

For that friend that laughed at mrs.southalls crazy hairdos with me and gave me all those mints. lol good times.
by Bennn October 22, 2006
7 25
Slang for penis; used as a humorous alternative to penis when around children , etc.
I saw Ryan with his benis in the dog.
by hEaThEr December 22, 2003
6 24
One's stomach, tummy, abdominal area
Urg, my benis hurts.
Dude, that fucker just punched me in the benis!
(pronounced bee-niss)
by Captain June 25, 2003
2 22
The Egyptian male genitila.
Marc, zis girl touched my BENIS
by Kenney April 30, 2004
9 30