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An attractive female whom the viewer wishes to get verticle with. Typically used when speaking of her while attempting to hide the fact one is checking her out.
thats a five star benihana but her friend is a total cassanos.
there is a benihana!
by jebraden September 22, 2010
a five man orgy on a slide, usually resulting in extreme discomfort of the gutch, face to gutch must take place for the BENIHANA to be complete.
-wat did u guys do last weekend?
-we went to the park to benihana
-sounds like a blast
-it was, im glad my face didnt have a chance to meet franky's gutch
-...lucky you...
by tonyhawkproskater4rox January 19, 2008
God; Supreme master of creation...and all things TGZ.

Can also be referred or cited as a being of higher power (i.e. Better than you).
It's Benihana! Bow your heads before we're all smited!!

If worshipping Benihana is wrong, hey, I don't want to be right!
by Ben Roe June 27, 2006