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The typical Chinese guy more commonly found in Singapore. Similar to lian. Dyed hair, listens to techno. Pretty vulgar too. Speaks in Chinese and Hokkien more often than English. And when they do speak English, it may be hard to understand their mangled form of English.

However, there are those few Bengs who are actually pretty highly-educated. But their manner gives it away.

Often think people are constantly staring at them. Sometimes this results in a fight with whoever they thought were staring at them.
The Ah bengs at the void deck are making such a ruckus. And it's 1am now!
by [kat] May 24, 2006
Generally crap, not good.
You're just beng.
That's not entirely antibeng.
by Karren May 03, 2006
Beng(s), the norwegian word for a " sexy girl ( Girls ) "
often spooken in "trøndelag" which is the middle part of norway.
Hey Check thoose bengs out! they are freakin hot!!

Norwegian: Skjekk de bengs ! de var sinsykt fine!
by Atillazorloz September 21, 2006
One of the Five fists in Xingyi quan. It represents the "wood" element. Beng fist is a straight foreward punch delivered from the center. The attack is usually delivered to the sternum,solar plexus, or "Ren Zhong" (inbetween the upper lip and bottom of nose". Its stradegy is to attack the center line. It also has beneficial health aspects in chinese medicine. The exercise/techniques is supposed to help cleanse the liver.
Noone under heaven can defeat my beng fist attack!

Beng quan is able to defeat Heng quan
by xingyiquan22 March 30, 2009
1. a sound to resemble a gunshot
2. any loud sound
3. Soon to be MANPOWER head.
4. some say its the skwater version of BANG
Kid1: Beng! beng!

Kid2: You missed me!
by anonimouse4 November 29, 2009
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