Bence emboidies everything, yet it is also nothing.
Use it to describe anything, bad or good, it's sure to be Bence.
What is Bence? A better question is, was isn't it?
Example 1
Randomer 1: Did you see that ludicrous display last night?
Randomer 2: What was the manager thinking bringing Chamberlain on that late?! It was so bence.

Example 2:
Randomer 1: Do you like my clothes?
Randomer 2: Yeah! They're well bence!
by BENCEGANGMAST3R July 23, 2012
Top Definition
To perform a Bence is the act of ejaculating onto the face or head of a female, upon performing the act the Bencer will enjoy the demeaning position it places upon the Bencee. Once finished with the act the Bencer will proceed to leave the residence of the Bencee and return to his friends for further beverages.
Friend 1: How was last night?
Friend 2: Really good, Benced on a girl at about 12:15
Friend 1: Top form!
by OnlyIfYouWantTo April 18, 2015
also a posh way of saying "ooh truffles"
oooh truffles, i say how bencé
by bencé December 15, 2004
a Term for fancy, or delightfull
a resteraunt owned by Benjamin Espaniel Howard of stratford,
i do say these truffles are truly Bencé
by tom ford December 14, 2004
an interesting and intelligent person who only roams the corners of darkness and talks of languages, arts, and science and other such academic phrases
person 1. "hey did you see that Picasso painting?! I love his cubist phase"

person 2. "Dude, it's midnight not cool, you're such a Bence"
by dancer chick February 14, 2009
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