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One man who has single handedly changed the face of piano rock by being unique enough to pretty much set the standard.
No one rocks the piano like Ben Folds
by IAmMikesHand February 06, 2004
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a brilliant man and musician who understands the way the world works and shares his knowledge through his baldwin.
i'm going to a ben folds concert tonight, it will blow my mind
by Muah August 20, 2003
Quite possibly the foremost rock pianist of the last ten years.
He may be good, but he's no Ben Folds.
by Dave Garroway December 19, 2003
The best musician with little radio play... God's Gift to Piano
God said "let there be piano" then he said, "let there be Ben Folds"
by God April 07, 2005
A man who once levitated a piano during a concert.
"Fuckin A, Ben levitated a piano!"
by UT Law Student April 14, 2005
One of the greatest musicians ever. Very Talented.
Listen to Ben Folds Piano Riff, man! Ben Folds plays the piano better than you.
by Ben Folds September 20, 2003
Piano rocker with an amazing tenor voice originally from South Carolina. He was apart of the band Ben Folds Five before going solo in 2001. Often compared to Elton John, Randy Newman and Billy Joel.

one of the most underrated musicians of our time.
Ben Folds will rock out with his cock out.
by mrs. folds May 29, 2005
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