Ben Affleck (1971-) is an American actor famous for being in movies with his best buddy Matt Damon, but infamous for his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. He is currently married (as of the publication of this entry) to Jennifer Garner.

Because of the incessant media attention with Affleck's relationship with Lopez, people have begun to insult his craft needlessly, particularly his movie Gigli (2003) and pretty much every film he did after that one. They may have been box office and critical disasters, but no one really watched them anyway, so who actually knows how bad they are?

He also happens to have an unusually large head. Seriously. Too bad plastic surgery can't change that.
Janie: Why do you hate Ben Affleck?
Sara: Because he's the biggest douche in Hollywood.
Janie: How do you know that?
Sara: I read it in the tabloids... er, I mean newspaper.
Janie: Riiiiiiiiight.
by Camnation January 07, 2007
Top Definition
No doubt disposable,off with his head.
You piece of junk.
You piece of Affleck.
by darkus March 20, 2005
When you rap tinfoil around your dick then put peanut butter and jelly on it then stick your dick in the toaster set on the dark setting and turn the toaster on.
I got super hammered the other day and when I woke up my dick was burnt, covered in tinfoil and peanut butter & jelly stuck in the toaster. I must have given myself a Ben Affleck agan.Why dose that keep happening?
by MASTERBLASTER69 November 16, 2005
Matt Damon's bitch.
Has a thing for chicks named "Jennifer".
1: Who's that guy married to Jennifer Garner?
2: You mean Matt Damon's bitch, Ben Affleck?
by Arrieth January 31, 2008
verb: to wreck anything by merely loaning your name or persona to it

adjective: cursed, tainted, ruined, spoiled

noun: a talentless pile of flotsam that should soon go away
"I was going to run for a liberal Democrat whiny dog catcher in my home town, but once I found out that Ben Affleck was campaigning for me, I conceded to the retarded lobster who was running against me as I knew that I would lose"

"I found out that the free lunch involved listening to some Amway speaker; what a Ben Affleck that turned out to be"
by OnTheSideOfRight October 04, 2006
quite possibly the most talentless actor in hollywood right now. I'd prefer to shove thick needles in my cock, than watch any of his shitty movies like daredevil or gigli. Just because your friends with a talented actor like Matt Damon, doesn't mean you yourself have any acting skill. I wish he would crash his car on I-95 and die...hes also a stupid red sox fan
Dude 1: Let's watch daredevil, it has jennifer garner in it!

Dude 2: no way man, it also has ben affleck...he sucks at acting, I wish he would die
by Not a Wanker/Anti-Wanker March 11, 2008
The bomb in Phantoms
Affleck you da bomb in phantoms yo!
by B. Affleck February 03, 2005
One who begins saying their lines while another is attempting to deliver their's.
"this one will take you further down the...."


(off script) "Now who's the Ben Affleck?"
by MstrFantastic October 07, 2011

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