A movie-savy guy who is clearly in love with Louise and jealous of her amazing skills of analysis and wit. Though he's a fair competitor he will never amount to Louise.
Did you see Ben today?
Yeah he was battling Louise on LOTR lines, she won.
by Iamsooomuchwittierthanyou January 24, 2011
Egotistical asshole who always has to be right. Is a self claimed "Master Debater", who is extremely closed minded. Will do anything to stab you in the back. Enjoys hurting people.
Ben likes boys.
by refryedbeans June 29, 2011
a heartless dick, who doesnt know how to treat a girl when he sees one. No girl should ever date a Ben they don't give a shit about ur feelings at ALL!
Wow, you're right, Ben is a total dick!
by thinkofthepossible May 06, 2011
small penis , little balls and as dump as a brick . has no friends and lives in umina
small dick like ben
by bbazza June 05, 2011
A midget who constantly wears a warm hat, no matter how hot it is,he once wore it when it was 101 degrees :( He is a pervert. He is annoying. He is universally hated. Some day he will be hung upside down from a tree, stabbed in the chest, and set on fire. He will be forced to die from a combination of fire, blood loss, and EVILNESS. his body will than be dumped in an active volcano.
I'm Ben, and I'm evil and hate everything good, like Ice cream, and call of duty. Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahah
1:(n) (pr) (abr) short for the English name Benjamin.

2: Code for cheauvenistic male pig.

Has nothing going for his life.

Says he hates skinny girls, but won't date you if you are not to his specifications. I.e.: he may as well get a blow up doll, they are easy to cheat on, and you can get them just how you want them and you don't have to mandate that they look like a Chinese Crested! (Hair on head. Thats about it.)

Likes to waste time chasing tail, even while in a relationship. Cheats on his girlfriends with one particular ex.

Will always claim it's the female that is crazy, even after he has strung her along for 5 months or however long. But he can do and feel anything he wants: like Cartman.

Oh, and don't move in with him then break up. He will have an ex over to drink & fuck almost immediately, even if you were together for a year and he appeared changed.

He will also tell you he loves you, break up with you the following day, and tell you he hates you.

He is a bipolar fuck who has attachment issues, a diseased dick (which is not very large contrary to popular belief - aside from the fact that if you don't know how to use said cock, it's length and girth are null and void), and an impossibly immature attitude.

So, that said, beware.
Ben Kravitz is an asshole.
by dont ask, dont tell August 02, 2011
Very fat red headed bearded man that loves to wear plaid shirts.
Damn, did you see that Ben?
by April 27, 2011
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