someone who is basically a huge tool, and will do anything for a girl to like him, this includes pretty much being her b**** to make her attempt to like him
Look at the guy bro he's trying to hit on Madison like crazy, he's acting like such a Ben right now!
by jollyrancher 528 July 21, 2010
when your girlfriend starts dating someone else around 24 hours after you two broke up are you and Jess doing
B.we broke up, then she pulled a ben on me
A.that sucks
B.i know
by Fighting Irish February 16, 2008
a person who is a fail at everything
that guy is such a ben!
by imnotaben June 22, 2010
Someone who does not know where they are, they are clueless, and lost
by BSHAP November 21, 2008
Falkirk or Central Scottish slang for "through".
"Awryt chief comin ben there the noo?"
"Aye ye wanty come ben av got suhin for you"
by Laurence Connolly January 19, 2008
Another word for a 10 Bit(10th of an ounce)
"Oi mate, do you wanna go halves on a benn?"
"Yer man safe."
by Charley T June 03, 2007
Likes small children. Has a hamster fetish. Has the sex drive of a Lemming. Looks that only Helen Keller could describe, Ben can usually be found in friend's drive-ways, beds, cars, or where ever he feels the need to pass out. Ben's greatest defense is crying himself to sleep naked in a dark corner. Ben cannot be trust when left alone for he has been known to pee on floors. Has a small penis, but tries to compensate for it with his humor.
Used in a sentence: God, that weirdo is such a Ben!
by Haha.. Oh I think you know!!! February 17, 2010

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