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Ben is a mean and dumb person who is mean and nobody likes them and they should just go to hell.
person 1: "hey look there's ben"

person 2: "ew"
by brokenprinter February 08, 2011
14 63
Ben- noun
A rotund, farming species who normally live in areas like New Jersey. Known for their distinct farming skills and tiny penises and or lasagna.
If you come across one, be extremley careful, as they will try to mount you. If said mounting has occurred in the past than please contact the "Stop Inbreeding Your Small Penis Ben" organization at 1-800-THIS IS NOT A REAL NUMBER
Ben Kish
by aaron boiner June 06, 2010
20 72
Someone dead boring.
With a dead boring girlfriend.
Talks like a twat.
Ben: 'That was so amazing.'
Everyone else: 'Shut up Ben. You are so fucking boring. And fat.'
by big gregg October 28, 2010
29 82
Another word for banana. Commonly used to insult a whitewashed Asian person by saying they are yellow on the outside and white on the inside just like a banana.
Derek: Why do you call Joey a ben?

Danny: Because he likes NASCAR.
by J-M-A September 26, 2006
422 475
Ben is "easy" and known as a whore. A man whore.
That guy is such a Ben, he lets everyone touch him.
by Phatmany February 11, 2010
46 102
One who gets leeched onto
That guy must be a Ben, people are always leeching him.
by troyez February 12, 2010
11 70
someone who is basically a huge tool, and will do anything for a girl to like him, this includes pretty much being her b**** to make her attempt to like him
Look at the guy bro he's trying to hit on Madison like crazy, he's acting like such a Ben right now!
by jollyrancher 528 July 21, 2010
20 81