Also know as Douche-bag. This person is a total lard ass that thinks they run the world. when really they cant even run a thing, has an I.Q less than a pencil
Girl: Ben just asked me out
Friend: Ben Who?
Girl: You know Ben!
Friend: Oh you mean that DB!
Girl: Yeah that one
by Homeboi September 17, 2012
Asshole. He steals from children and single mothers. He leads women on with pretty words and comforting lies. He will use you for money and run away when he knows the truth will come out. Constantly on the run.
Girl 1: Man, my last boyfriend really broke my heart!
Girl 2: Yeah, he sure turned out to be a real Ben
by angry_redhead December 14, 2011
Similar in texture and appearance to butter.
The milk was ready to be processed, it has reached the ben stage.
by sweet cadaver October 25, 2010
An atrocious bastard who's only joy in life is licking cock. He is a gay bastard who enjoys sitting at his computer, enjoying cyber-sex with men. He is an untrustworthy person and should not be trusted. He has no life and will remain single for the rest of his poor life. The only real friend he has is his left hand.
Person 1: Hi. How are you?
Person 2: Not so good.

Person 1: Well at least you aren't a Ben.
by Your Mother II December 29, 2011
The worst guy in bed, with a tiny you know what. Doesn't know what he's doing. Used as an insult in many cases.
Person 1:'did you enjoy last night with your man'
Person 2:'hell no he was a major Ben'
by Luigi penetonni December 30, 2011
A movie-savy guy who is clearly in love with Louise and jealous of her amazing skills of analysis and wit. Though he's a fair competitor he will never amount to Louise.
Did you see Ben today?
Yeah he was battling Louise on LOTR lines, she won.
by Iamsooomuchwittierthanyou January 24, 2011
Egotistical asshole who always has to be right. Is a self claimed "Master Debater", who is extremely closed minded. Will do anything to stab you in the back. Enjoys hurting people.
Ben likes boys.
by refryedbeans June 29, 2011

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