Ben is the type of guy who was a fat fucking chode. he looks like a frog he has the *what are those! shoes* he is a druggie and thinks he's sooo fucking cool asf... But he's not cuz he's a fat bitch. Hes also afraid of girls. U fucking fat bulldog bitch!
Hey Ben u smell like shit!
by Joeboo12345 April 14, 2016
Ben is great at giving blowjobs. Mainly found blowing on Ethan. Amazing at sex but sometimes people don't get the message that he is homosexual.
Girl: Ben is ugly ew
Boy: He's better at other things ;)
by RainbowKitties_ September 18, 2015
Benadryl(Diphenhydramine) that is an antihistamine. Can be used to get high or commonly used to have temporaril relief from allergic symptoms like running nose.
SWIM: That Ben got me...seeing spiders
SEWIM: ...ZZzz...I see them to
SWIM: ...ZZzzzzzzz
by Don'ttouch May 31, 2015
Huge dick. Really hot, most girls want to date him. Can fuck for hours.
Girl 1 did u have fun with your boyfriend last night?

Girl 2 ya he is a real ben!
by Eagletoy September 30, 2013
Probably the sweetest boy you'll ever meet, although only when they are alone. When with friends, Bens' are nice, but very toolish. They love Modest Mouse and the Morning Benders. Bens' have pimples and a large nose, although their stunning personality masks their ugly features. Bens' are known to be attracted to girls with the name Sarah.
Girl One: Look, that boy is staring at you!
Sarah: Ohh I know!!! I heard his name was Ben...
Girl One: no wonder why hes so attracted to you!
Ben ( with friends ) : Hey ladies ;)
Ben ( without friends ) : you have the sweetest eyes :)
by Saraahh19 November 27, 2010
Most annoying little fuck out there. Generally looks like a monkey or chimpanzee.
"Hey did u see that monkey at the zoo?"
"Yeah it looked a lot like a Ben"
by Kl_21 April 14, 2016
Someone who you can not resist. Makes you feel alive and happy whenever you are with him. Will make a promise and then break it. You will like him, he won't like you. You will never be able to get over him even though he forgot about you.
Friend: Did he break his promise and forget about you already?
You: Yeah, he's such a Ben.
by lkjhgfdsalkjhgfdsa July 19, 2013
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