A guy who is a giant asshole and thinks it is fun to take people's phones and then take 600 photos with it. He also likes to flip people off for 10 minutes straight. It is common to want to hurt him in response to how annoying he is. He also may enjoy singing pop songs.
"Stop! You are being so annoying and rude! You are such a Ben!"
by madcat October 22, 2013
A Jewish male with Female Problems ( aka little dick nigga)
You're acting like Ben right now
by Mrs. Jacky September 23, 2013
Referring to someone as ben usually means that the person, male or female, is clumsy, horny and very attractive. Quite often all of these factors combine to make then person bump ugly's with peers much uglier than oneself. Another hidden characteristic could be the mass intelligence of technology.
I was such a Ben last night; I slept with a terrapin.
by Pl3ppp April 03, 2012
A person who is a self absorbed, abnoxious, liar, leads you on, tells you what you want to hear for FUN.
Person1 - Why did you tell me you were in love with me?

Ben - To get laid.
by mariannaluiz August 18, 2012
The tall, fit and most handsome man I've met in a long time! Is from Belfast, has a smashing taste in music and says things I never understand because I'm a southerner. Basically, he's feckin perfect and the best thing ever to come out of RP. He doesn't like me half as much as I like him, but it's okay because I'm so nice and I know he'd be lost without me seeing as I'm his PA and his stylist! He also supports Man Utd which makes him lose a point... but yeah, Ben is fabulous and I well would. (y)
Ben- "Bet you're texting me on the toilet you dirty halion!"
Amber- "What in the Lord's name is a halion..?"
by heartitraces_ January 16, 2010
a bitchy whining cocky shameful male who has no friends and a tiny penis.
man that guy such a ban he has no life, such a ben
by benbenbenbenfuck March 25, 2013
Asshole. He steals from children and single mothers. He leads women on with pretty words and comforting lies. He will use you for money and run away when he knows the truth will come out. Constantly on the run.
Girl 1: Man, my last boyfriend really broke my heart!
Girl 2: Yeah, he sure turned out to be a real Ben
by angry_redhead December 14, 2011

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