n.1.a completely incoherent and sudden expression. 2. a blurted phrase or word that has nothing to do with the subject on hand
v. 1.to utter something that has nothign to do with anything in the subject 2. to drop your pants in a public lockerroom.
n. the belt that henry shouted made no since at all
v. he belted in the lockerroom
by yes June 27, 2004
Top Definition
the way to keep children in line
son, do you want me to get out the belt?
by ygugsa295 March 03, 2007
1. typically a leather strap used to tighten pants
2. to smack or hit someone
3. to have a belt - is to drink a swig of hard alcohol
4. a wide path i.e. bible belt
I will belt you upside your head if you look at my ladies teats one more time!
by Bud E Love May 07, 2003
something used to choke bitches out
Officer Palmer choked Courtney out with her belt
by dvlshone607 March 29, 2008
to sing loudly
Ethel Merman sang so loudly that all some people heard was the sound of songs being belted out.
by shs99 August 13, 2003
Another word for really short skirts. usually given as a nickname to the person who wears them. generally called amy.
'wow, amy that is so short'
'yea, i know'
'did you even by a skirt? looks like a belt'
'well i dont like the skirts so i just got the belt instead'
by amy, jimmy and grant October 11, 2005
An alternative name for beer. Could also be used for any type of alcoholic beverage, however is most effectively used to describe a pint/glass/can/bottle of beer.

Most often used as a noun (ex. grab a couple belts, have a belt)
John, I had a tough day at work today, and really want to tie one on. Let's go grab a few belts at the bar on the way home.

After a few belts, Steve was feeling pretty loose and more willing to open up to the hot chick at the end of the bar.

I could really use a belt right now.
by mikealope September 18, 2010
an object that can be made out of leather, pleather, metal, cloth even paper, that is used to hold pants, shorts or skirts up
1: nice belt
2: thanks its holding my pants up
1: whats it made from???
2: Paper
1: cool
by antianne5454545454 April 18, 2009

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