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A symbol of social status in the redneck world. The bigger and shinier the buckle, the cooler you are.
"Wow, Jeb! That belt buckle mush have cost you a million bucks! You're cool!"
by Lord Rocky August 02, 2006
Letting your nuts n' sack hang out the top of your pants, so that they sit right where your belt buckle would be. (Note: For best results, show a friend)
"Hey mom, want to see my new belt buckle?"
by Deacon November 04, 2004
here's how it goes down:
"wanna see my belt buckle?"

*person or people look at crotch area

*person who asked "wanna see my belt buckle?" lifts up shirt/sweatshirt displaying his/her upper bush area above the slightly pulled down underwear and pants
by TheBiggestBossYouveSeenThusFar February 08, 2010