The art of inserting an extremely sharp needle inside your umbilical cavern,and pushing so hard,that it pierces through the inside and comes out from your back.
Argh!I just gave myself a belly button piercing!!and it hurts worse than everything!fashion is turning so suicidal these days ugh!!
by XXemoholiczx September 06, 2010
Top Definition
THis is a type of body modification that has become popular in teen girls. THey wear belly shirts and bikinies to show off their belly button piercing. This is another form of expressing one's self that has been accepted by the mainstream of society. A needle is used to pierce the belly button. The needle is used for one person and then disposed of, never use a piercing place that does not get a new sterile needle for each person. Guns which can be used to pierce ear should not be used to pierce the belly button. These piercing is easily infected. A license is needed for an establishment to pierce the belly button.
person one: hey is that belly button piercing new?
person two: yeah I like it, because it looks nice with my bikini!
person one: really it looks all red and infected!
person two: yeah it got infected so i went to the doctor and got some antibiotics.
by ZarahMarieS April 30, 2008
Belly button piercing is the process a person goes through to make them look supaa fly =)Somesay it hurts like a mother but others say it does not
Im going to get a belly button piercing this saturday
by Samj June 25, 2006
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