bellend is on Gregs head
Greg is a total bellend
by Charles December 02, 2003
a complete willy
'look at that guy over there...'
'yeah, he's such a bell end'
'i bet you he's called joe...'
by Mr Piss-Brains February 06, 2004
(alex k e double rr is a bell = bellend
kerr + Bell = bellend
by jim January 27, 2004
the end of your bell(duhh)/penis
you are a bell end and if you read this you are also gay
by Jamie (im a tard) February 03, 2008
some one who's been circumcised has his bell end exposed
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
1. Someone who has red/pink/purple/rosie cheeks or skin.
2. Someone who has blushed and looks red all over
3. Someone with no friends

(if it's a girl, then one would say 'clit' as a replacement.)

4. A picture on google images if one types in 'xyz'.
5. The end of a penis that looks 'bell-shaped' sorta.
That boy is red like a bell end.
by :x-y-z: June 08, 2006
Tip of the male penis.
Your butt.
"Please touch my bell end girl."

"does she take it in the bell end?"
by November 16, 2006

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