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A nickname for someone with the surname bell.
An annoying sickly child.
Man that bell is such a bellend.
>>Bellend coughs rolls over and dies of a chest infection<<
by Bob March 21, 2005
7 30
(Jamaican classical.) oneself
I am a bellend. (official)
by Your paulm8's m8 called paul (m8) November 06, 2003
3 26
love me,....love my shorts. No seriously. It is basically a total ass head who finks he can say w/e he likes wen he cant. So pretty much a tosser. :D Girls can neva be called a bellend.
ummm......fin Whitehead . he is one for the moment anyway. it is possible for a man to work off his status.
by OhLookWhosAPratNotMe January 09, 2005
4 28
bellend is the penis
Luke Crossley is a utter bell-end
by charles drapeer November 25, 2003
4 28
someone who doesnt do anything and plays champ all day
steve corder is a bellend
by greeny January 20, 2004
2 27
to understand the word bell end you need to know a bellend

Richard= Bell = End = bellend
bellend = richard
by jim January 27, 2004
2 40
bellend is on Gregs head
Greg is a total bellend
by Charles December 02, 2003
19 58