Someone who although in the main is inoffensive can cause irritation by butting in and embellishing boring stories
He can't find her ankle chain the complete bellend
by Steve Barrett January 27, 2004
(Jamaican classical.) oneself
I am a bellend. (official)
by Your paulm8's m8 called paul (m8) November 06, 2003
love me, my shorts. No seriously. It is basically a total ass head who finks he can say w/e he likes wen he cant. So pretty much a tosser. :D Girls can neva be called a bellend.
ummm......fin Whitehead . he is one for the moment anyway. it is possible for a man to work off his status.
by OhLookWhosAPratNotMe January 09, 2005
bellend is the penis
Luke Crossley is a utter bell-end
by charles drapeer November 25, 2003
someone who doesnt do anything and plays champ all day
steve corder is a bellend
by greeny January 20, 2004
to understand the word bell end you need to know a bellend

Richard= Bell = End = bellend
bellend = richard
by jim January 27, 2004
bellend is on Gregs head
Greg is a total bellend
by Charles December 02, 2003

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