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1. The head of the penis, being vaguely bell shaped. Like a mushroom head.
2. A complete idiot.
When you are drunk, you dance like a bellend.
by esadbaf October 12, 2004
1. The fat end of a penis

2. The One-Eyed Purple trouser vermin
In light of recent events...Cristiano Ronaldo is an UTTER BELLEND!

Rooney: "Oi! I know you've got a lot of making up to do, but please mind your teeth on my bellend Ronaldo!"
by Cristiano Ronaldo July 07, 2006
unit of measurement.
the table is 33 bellends in length.

katharine's face is 10 bellends wide.
by giraffeheart March 12, 2012
liverpool slang for an idiot, or a dickhead
stop being a little bellend you fucking titwank
by dirtymaca September 10, 2010
The tip of the penis.
Often considered as a derogatory term.
Stop looking at me, you bellend.
by Spanky March 01, 2005
the head of a man's penis.
don't be such a bell end
by quenam March 19, 2003
the end of your penis and can also be used as an insult
girlfriend and boyfriend having sex:
gf:"you've got a weird shaped bellend!"
bf:"shut up you bellend, go do it with someone else then!! Someone with a better bellend!!"
gf:"fine i will!"


and the bellend is put in boxers!!
by RachJessSunny February 15, 2009
1) UK slang insult used in the same way as "dickhead" or "prick".

2) A violent, stupid, or contemptible person.
That man just punched out an old lady for no reason. What a fucking bellend.
by whitetrash jim August 18, 2008