A device built in to a geezers spunk trunk to stop his hand flying off the end whilst getting "pointey toed".
johnathon beeching has a bellend so tiny his hand always flies off explaining his black eye the other day.
by nathan bangstick October 16, 2003
Slang for a the nob of a penis. A bellend is usually just a complete fuckwit who lowrides his skinny bent as fuck jeans with his globe high tops with a range of different clothing above the waist including a lakers snapback, DGK hoodie, gay wanna be gloves with the fingers half cut off, a beanie with an alcohol brand on it even though their gone after one cruiser they also plays music as load as his piece of shit sndroid speaker will go.
Hes an ugly cunt looks like a bellend
by NZ October 03, 2014
The head of the penis, also used as a insult.
"mark why does your bellend smell?"
"you are a gay bellend"
by john john john June 22, 2006
the end of your penis and can also be used as an insult
girlfriend and boyfriend having sex:
gf:"you've got a weird shaped bellend!"
bf:"shut up you bellend, go do it with someone else then!! Someone with a better bellend!!"
gf:"fine i will!"


and the bellend is put in boxers!!
by RachJessSunny February 15, 2009
A fame-hungry, bigoted, economically illiterate idiot, especially one whose hair or face is shaped like a sexual organ. In particular, Donald Trump.
Did you see that bell-end on the TV debate last night? He makes Sarah Palin look like a sensible candidate. Well, not really.
by garozzo April 21, 2011
The end of a penis!
bellend = Nicki tilt
by that guy ya know? February 21, 2010
This is a word that can define a person
"I think that Raj is a Bellend"
by See you at the Crossroads February 28, 2008
(1) Slang name for the head, or bulbous tip of the penis.
(2) Nickname given to my girlfriends total twat of a husband.
"Honey that fucking mardarse bellend has threw another sickie and not gone to work, I won't be able to get to yours today.

"Just tell him you're off to see me because I am better in bed than he ever could be, I don't need a vacuum pump to get it up. I mean it's not as though he doesn't know is it. He found the christmas card off me 12 months ago and is still too much of a shithouse to deal with this situation"
by fasc February 01, 2007
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