She's kinda talented actress from Disney's show ''Shake it up''. Many people seem to be jelly of her fame but it's vice versa because Bella wants to be an ordinary girl. She has experienced dramatical childhood: her father died, she was bullied by nerds and she has disease named dyslexia.
-who's that orange-haired beachgirl in bikini?
-she's Bella Thorne, kinda non arrogant despite dicksucker Miley Cyrus
by cockknocker1993 July 07, 2012
Top Definition
An actress from Disney Channel's Shake it Up. Her acting is very forced, and her dancing looks like a mess. She also has an unattractive horse face; the only thing that saves it are her bangs and professionally kept red hair. Without them, we would all witness the truth: that she has no it factor minus them, and that her face is wholly unattractive.
Bella Thorne seems to be letting the small Disney fame go to her head.
by gingerdancefunk July 29, 2011
A young woman found very attractive who turns out to be jailbait.
"Yo man, stay off that shortie, she's a Bella Thorne."
by WerdFukr February 12, 2015
Actor from Shake It Up, a Disney show.
My personal opinion is that she isn't a very good actor, and I hate the show.
HOWEVER, I'll give her points because she looks like Florence Welch, therefore she is a beautiful ginger.
Person 1: Bella Thorne is a terrible actor!
Person 2: Yeah, but she looks like Florence, from Florence+The Machine.
Person 1: She does! Maybe its the red hair...
by Willoe June 21, 2011
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