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A person who is an absolute bell
" you fuckin bellwhiff "
by payt January 09, 2004
11 8

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beaut bell cheese dick whiff
an absolute beaut, who smells of dick cheese and has pits like baracus
Oi bell-whiff get the brews made
by SimonUK April 28, 2008
14 1
One who carries a faint whiff of bell-cheddar; a nob-head.
Do one, bellwhiff!
by Stegsy May 07, 2004
22 9
Dickhead,Knobhead,Smelly Fucker..
You are a proper Bellwhiff
by iblamemedad June 28, 2009
5 1
someone who is a bit of goon, and alternate insult to common insults like dickhead and nobhead that have lost impact due to constant exhaustion of them particular insults and the use of bellwhiffs denotes ones diversity in the field of insulting.
Oi mate, your a bellwhiff!
by tobes1492 September 05, 2007
2 3
you are bellwhiff
rob yearsley
by ryan January 28, 2004
2 14