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The accumulation of bacteria underneath the foreskin (see 'smegma') of a male human or ape, often appearing cheese-like in both smell and taste.
Boyfriend: do you want anything from the supermarket?
Girlfriend: yes, get me some cheese.
Boyfriend: ok cheese it is.
Girlfriend: wait no.. i can still taste your bell-cheddar in my fucking mouth. forget it!
by Mirrorrim July 13, 2006
11 6
the secretions emitted by an unwashed cock
if you dont wash your cock you will find bell cheddar underneath your foreskin
by crompers October 20, 2007
18 1
Originated from the word Bellend, describes someone who lacks common sense and makes dumb decisions.

Can also mean a smelly/cheesy Penis Head
by DanH May 02, 2013
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