Someone who is proficient at ringing either his own bellend or more often somebody else's.


A gerneral term to describe someone you take a disliking to, can be used in place of bellend
Don't fart on me you bellringer

I punched that guy square in the nuts because he was a bellringer
by goivemaster July 09, 2004
Noun: a girl or guy you've picked up that is so hot, you leave the bar asap, knowing you couldn't possibly do better. Refers to the bell rung at pubs indicating last call.
To group of friends whom you came to the bar with:

"Dudes, I've got a bell ringer. Don't worry about my ride home."
by Carguy7061 April 29, 2007
Derived from the characteristics of the historical figure Quasi Moto, this adjective refers to any person (preferably of the opposite sex) who possesses at least one (but not limited to) physical trait of Quasi Moto. For example: hunchback, oversized features, moles, foul smell, tattered clothing, and/or overall hideous appearance.
"So Travis brought home another bell-ringer last night, I bet she can really tug some rope"
by JP$ February 23, 2005
A girl whose pu$$y just can't be beat.
'Toya is a bell ringer.
by 'Toya June 05, 2007
Another word for a homosexual. Bell being the helmet of the penis, and the ringer being the gay person who is sucking/wanking the the gay mans cock
by Lobster September 07, 2003
Making out with a female that is engaged and sucking on her titties. Then after you're done, you talk about her relationship with her dude and try to end the marriage even though you don't want to date her.
Dustin you just made out with somebody who is engaged? You are such a bell ringer!
by Jazze Pha December 13, 2006

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