The accumulation of bacteria underneath the foreskin (see 'smegma') of a male human or ape, often appearing cheese-like in both smell and taste.
Boyfriend: do you want anything from the supermarket?
Girlfriend: yes, get me some cheese.
Boyfriend: ok cheese it is.
Girlfriend: wait no.. i can still taste your bell-cheddar in my fucking mouth. forget it!
by Mirrorrim July 13, 2006
Top Definition
the secretions emitted by an unwashed cock
if you dont wash your cock you will find bell cheddar underneath your foreskin
by crompers October 20, 2007
Originated from the word Bellend, describes someone who lacks common sense and makes dumb decisions.

Can also mean a smelly/cheesy Penis Head
by DanH May 02, 2013
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