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The noise you make when you throw up.
While passing by the Belk store in the shopping mall, Zach was reminded of the sound of vomit coming out of his mouth the night before.
by Titan McFoley January 02, 2012
Something you don't want to touch in the ocean.
Dude. Don't touch the Belk!!!!
by obxman15 July 29, 2009
1. female ejaculatory fluid
2. the act of female ejaculation
Dr. Sue said women can belk up to two quarts.
That's a lot of belk!
by noradear December 05, 2005
1. punk ass bitch
2. to fuck up
3. bullshit
1.man your just a lame belk

2.man you belked up man

3.man thats a bunch of belk
by SAVER1477gfuccc January 11, 2008
To severely screw someone over.
Man, My roommate took all my money! He totally Belked me!!
by Daryo Sharlah February 07, 2004