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take a girl and a tennis racket smack her ass with it to make lines. then put syrup on her ass and lick it off.
jonny gave sally a belgium waffle last night.
by nick kirschner June 17, 2008
50 18
An occasion where a group of shitfaced guys masturbate to a waffle. Last person to ejaculate has to eat the waffle. Only gay if sober.
"I feel bad for Mark, we played belgium waffle last night and he lost.."
"Sick dude!"
"Yeah I just told him to think of it as freshly made whipped cream."
by seriou April 04, 2008
34 23
One girl sits on knees while two nice gentlemen shoot cum ropes diagonally across her face.
Ya, I enjoyed making her be'cum' a belgium waffle.
by Walt Rogers October 04, 2010
17 14
It is when a male hardcore cums on a women's breasts that is from Belgium. The man then pees and poops on the women's chest(maple syrup) Then you invite another woman over to eat the waffles
Yo dude my woman said she was hungry, so I gave her some fresh belgium waffles
by shaffey25 March 31, 2009
1 10