Little country which is often dreadful for france.
Culture followers with a 10 years decay.
a french (in 88'):"woaw,i just discovered new wave is fantastic! yeeeee!"
a Belgian (in 88'):"I used to listen to new wave 10years ago. Now im more into acid and new beat"
A french (98') goin' at i love techno in gent : "yopeeee! techno is soo cooool! one half let's do another half!"
A Belgian (98'): "There's no longer real techno scene anywhere. I mostly do drum & bass parties"

A french (at anytime):"hahahaha! Belgians are soo dumb! hahahaha"
Belgians and the rest of the world (at anytime): "froggies? what kind of music did they invented?"

by areyoucopsorwhat August 24, 2003
A country in north western Europe, specifically designed as somewhere Britain, France and Germany can settle their differences every generation or so.
Belgium was host to the following international tournaments:Waterloo, World War 1, and World War 2 to name the best known examples, also a current home of the EU government
by Libreg January 19, 2011
Where Dr. Evil came from
"I was adopted by frikkin belgians, eh?"
by Dixie Normus August 06, 2003
home of the french'd fries, also produces some of the best beer and chocolate in the world. Also home to lots of cats in the northern, dutch part, and lots of trees in the southern, french part.
I like belgian chocolate, it's so belgium-ish and chocolaty!
by redharvest August 01, 2011
("Belgie" in Dutch, which is one of their three official languages)
well america only knows belgium because of it's famous waffles. but they have good beer, "French" fries, and chocolate.
The people in the northern part speak a... *special*... dialect called Vlaams (Flemish). But if you go to Belgium or talk with a Belgian, don't call Vlaams/Flemish a language. It's a dialect. And don't call a Belgian a Dutch person. They will not like you.

There's a lot of parties and festivals, and from what I've seen, 99% of the girls are really hot.
the belgians love making fun of dutch people and dutch people love making fun of belgians.
the drinking age is 16 and there's no censorship :D
Ik hou van Belgie (I love Belgium) <3 het is zalig. en godverdomme jij.

Kgoa je slaan. ("I'll hit you" in Flemish)
by wiljeneuken May 30, 2012
A country where 59% speak Dutch, 40% speak French and 1% speak German, which had a problem about having a government during 532 days, whose beers are the best of the world, where sweet historical cities like Ghent and Brugge are located in, also whose royal dynasty is ridiculously German rooted.
Belgium's new king is Philippe I.
by awelley May 03, 2014
A country which has a complicated political structure which is based on bilingualism; where the same political ideology can be represented by two different parties according to the language.
There are 2 liberal parties in Belgium: Dutch speaking "Open VLD" and French speaking "Mouvement Reformiste".
by Les aveux du garcon August 20, 2014
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