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A hybrid of ‘belligerent’ and ‘Asian,’ the word Belasian refers to people from the orient with a serious weakness for alcohol and a penchant for attention seeking excess. Usually the person’s actual name is forgotten and permanently replaced with this affectionate pseudonym, as in, “hey, Belasian, pass the sauce.” Generally well liked, friendly, and the life of the party; Belasians thrive in their native habitats of grungy college bars, where they fulfill their instinctive and insatiable need to minger hunt.
"Hey, Belasian, quick land-sharking, we're gonna play flip-cup"

"Belasian, are you in there? I can't see you for the rolls."

"Belasian, good to see you budy, how was rehab?"
by tarheelfan77 January 06, 2008
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