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A place where about no one knows what the school colors are. Where No one gives a fuck about the pep rallys. BAMS is sandwiched between the nurtured Homestead Wakefield Elem. and the pot filled, hell hole Bel Air High. Where just about 99% of the students go on to BAHS and the other one percent is frowned upon when they get into H.S. like Harford Tech & SMA. Half of your class is probably the cool crowd, and everyone knows eachother. Where BAMS is the only school that has the mentally disabled kids cleaning the cafeteria. The teachers are all pedos. The phrases, "go back and walk" "anddd were jogging" "Save the Drama for your llama" "Waiting on you" and more, are heard every day. The millions of push-ups and sit-ups we do should be illegal. Where the damn mile run, turkey trot, and pacer seem like the olympics. When you walk past the main gym doors and the reek from the locker rooms drifts down the whole hallway. Where the staff jumps on your ass if your shorts/skirt are above mid-thigh. Where the boys at BAMS are just as needy/slutty/bitchy as the girls. When relationships last a week, girls go out with their boyfriend and his friend until they've been in a relationship at one point with every boy in their grade. A place where 5 minutes after a fight happens the whole school including the staff knows about it. Where the end of the school year softball tournament is also treated like the fucking Olympics and is the only remotely fun gym related thing.
Bel Air Middle School bel air middle Bel Air Middle Bel Air bel air Bel air School Maryland MD Harford County BAMS BAMS sucks ass
by I dont Know, you tell me July 01, 2011
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