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"Bekka" means "hot mama".
I want to sex up that hot Bekka!
by Lolz March 28, 2005
A Bekka will not let you sleep in it's bed.

If you try to, a Bekka will oust you by playing Shania Twain very loudly.

In their natural habitats, Bekkas spend most of their time foraging for cans of tuna fish and bottles of orange fanta.

They have wild hair, and are sometimes spotted at the watering hole wearing nothing but a tiny, pink dressing gown, before they go scavaging for bus fare.

The best way to catch a Bekka, should you wish to keep one as a pet/experiment etc, is to lure into your garden using bottles of cheap white cider, and the promise of a few joints... And maybe some Crunchy Nut Cluster a little later on.
"We went on safari earlier today, and spotted an elusive Bekka. It was scraping around in the mud, looking for spare change".
by MValentine August 28, 2008
They are beautiful, tough, strong, and not afraid to say what they think. They can seem tough or even cruel at first meeting but they can actually be quite sweet. Tend to be tougher than other girls. Their style is long hair almost always down, loves to wear black. A lot of people are scared of them and they are sometimes called rebels, emos, goths, and bad girls. They are hard girls to come by but if you find one and get on her good side and protect you until you give her a reason to do otherwise.
"Whoa that person's super tough just like a Bekka!"
by cocoa3007 March 13, 2013

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