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MSN zone game where you arrange jewels around so that you get an arrayment of three or more to get rid of them. addicting as hell.
i'll kick your ass in bejeweled.
by duhbbz. June 18, 2004
A term used when expressing that someone was totally pwned, or morally defecated upon.
Halonub1: *Camping in corner with shotty*

Halonub2: *Ninja's Halonub1*

Muahahaha, get bejeweled, bk!
by Jeezus Chryst October 28, 2009
The adjective describing objects and articles of clothing that have been scrupulously decorated with pearls, rhinestones, and other glittery objects that can ever so slightly catch the light.
Oh my gosh, did you see her bejeweled jeans? They were so snazzy!
by Word Doctor March 04, 2009
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