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Being banned from a competition whilst finishing first, second or third after being told that your equipment isn`t within specification

The debacle, christened ‘Enzogate’ online, exposed the limitations of trying to force competition paragliders into the EN system and shone a light on the manufacturers ‘arms race’ and the lengths that companies will go to to make a winning competition paraglider.
PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 11:59 pm Post subject: RE: Ozone / Rush 4 (Rumours) Reply with quote Mark post as unread
RichK wrote:
Pinches!... They will never live that one down...

Pinch Slapped - (v) being backhanded by the comp pimps for having a wing out of spec. Also see 'being Ozoned'

GrumpySmurf wrote:
Also see 'being Ozoned'

Or perhaps pwnzned?
by grounded February 28, 2014
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