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1. when a guy is literally is gay for another guy.

2. when a guy claims to be just friends with a girl so he either likes her in that way or he is just friends with her. therefore he is gay or he is genius with the ladies
1. Friend 1: "dude me and john hang out everywhere."

Friend 2: "dude, you're gay for him."

Friend 1: "What? I'm not gay!"

Friend 2: "Well you're being gay for someone right now..."

2. Friend 1: "I swear, me and Nisha are just friends"

Friend 2: "dude you can't just be friends. that's a gay relationship"

Friend 1: "Are you saying I'm gay for her?? I'm not being gay for someone!"

Friend 2: "so then you like her? HIGH FIVE MAN! GENIUS!"

Friend 1: "NO! we're just friends."

Friend 2: "dude that's gay."
by drakeero January 25, 2011
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