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another word for begginer
man u iz a begs at this game
by babyjshez December 28, 2005
Beg is a slang for wannabe - it can be used in different situations.
ergh - look at those beg emos. all they wear is My Chemical Romance tops and i heared they slit for attention.
by elliotstars August 23, 2007
a suck-up
a wannabe
a scrape
a humour-milk
She's hanging with LaShona now
That bitch is such a beg
by lashonaaaaaaaaaa February 17, 2010
Rasta term meaning to ask; also means to beg.
Di man dem beg fa jooks. (The men beg for sex.)
by Miguel April 13, 2004
Badly wants 2 be something/someone they cant (can also be used as begging)
Justin Timberlake begs to be black
by Mel May 03, 2004
a person who is a bit annoying, sucks up to people and pretends to be friends with people who they aren't actually friends with. they are usually social climbers.
hahaha aimee's such a begggg
by delhomepguppgdnend April 25, 2011
Also known as a "beggit", a person who tends not to go for their own style or tries to fit in a conversation by pretending to know what they're talking about when really they have no clue. In Plain words, someone who wants attention to look "cool".
Person 1: Oh yeah did you go to that gig in the end?
Person2: Yes, it was sooo sick, you shoulda gone
Beg: Really?! jokes i was gonna go too
Person1: oh right then, where was it?
Beg: err i dunno, like quite near right??
Person2: fucking hell mate your such a beg
Person1: yeah seriously, dont beg it.
by HOLLISTERBANDIT. November 14, 2010
A wanna-be

A suck up

A loser

An izzy

A humor-milk
Omg you're such a beg!
by PeterianStaker December 22, 2012