when you get a pubic hair caught in your throat after oral sex.
"damn bitch trim that shit, you gave me a beezel!"
#bezeel #pubic ruben #hair ball #throat tickler #spanish hairlem
by mike motul October 17, 2006
Top Definition
a specialized bong that you smoke heroine in!

although many believe "beezels" to be just an urban legend, they actually do exist, and taking a nice puff on one is quite pleasureable.
"Crap my mom found my beezel in my closet and shes making me talk to my guidance counselor"
#heroine #bong #joint #beezy #beezle
by South Charlotte March 24, 2008
Messed up, not right,
The incident at the mall was such a beezel incident.messed up not right Zach
#beezel #zach #origins black ops #school #atheism
by dm007 September 16, 2013
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