A universal term for an individual exibiting exemplary negative or positive "beesh"-like qualities. A very attractive girl/woman, a huge tool, a state of mind. Essentially the epitome of something in physical or descriptive form.
a.)Did you see that double d blondie in UCLA wink at you? -You bet your ass I did, I just shloped that beesh last night.

b.) Have you and your girlfriend had sex yet? Naw man we havent. -That sucks man, fuck that Beesh.

c.) Hey man take a hit off this spleef, I can't dude ive got "the plague" and Im smacked like a beesh.

d.) Did that dude pay for your damage after the fender bender. Naw man, what a beesh.

e.) You are a beesh

f.) She is such a cock tease... what a beesh.

g.) Yo i heard that fiend shloped 3 girls at once... what a beesh!
by BatmanB May 23, 2007
Top Definition
a close friend, a homie if you will.
Someone you can always depend on, your boy.
1. What up beesh?
2. You see that guy over there... yeah well he's one of my beeshes, so dont fuck with him
by MC Mike D February 26, 2007
A more subtle to say or call someone a bitch
Look at the punk beesh over ther
by Lucius Black February 09, 2009
Just anutha word for bitches.
I don't give a fuck about u beeshes.
Sup beeshes?
by biish_pl May 23, 2005
The act of lifting your shirt just above the belly button and rubbing your belly with one hand as the other holds up the shirt. It is important to say the word BEESH as you rub your belly
by ...The King of All... October 17, 2010
To beesh means to graphically masturbate or ejaculate.
I beeshed!

I beeshed all over my girlfriends face last night!

I was beeshing so hard during class today!

Hey everyone, David just beeshed everywhere
by david fessaa June 15, 2011
Verb: to be hit with a fish by another individual.
George beeshed Mike with an enormous monkfish.

Owing to Daves fish allergy, a beesh would be potentially lethal.
by Dalsus August 21, 2009

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